What is Implant?

Dental Implants are artificial teeth, these kind of fixed artificial teeth are closest replacement for  lost natural teeth.

Are these Painful?


No matter what your friend ,neighbour, friendly neighbourhood doctor or quora says,

We say ,it is 


Nobody is afraid of a haircut,right?

Who need an Implant?
The answer is, “Everybody and anybody who has lost teeth but has not lost love for their teeth”


Dental implants are small post made of a metal, called Titanium. Our orthopaedic surgeons use plate of the same metal to fix broken bones.
Titanium has one amazing capability, it can adhere to our bone and our body wraps it around without giving any pain and showing any side effect, thus giving it a solid foundation. Above this implant we attach an artificial tooth.
In many ways it is better than a flipper/removable denture and fixed dental bridge.
Like any treatment this also need post treatment care and maintenance which is quite easy to do

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Are Implants costly?


Our Implant stories:

Arjun, a gifted athlete had lost his front teeth recently from a sports accident,it was embarrassing for him to appear toothless, and he had an important match to play the next day.

We had a painless immediate implant done for him and he now had a beautiful fixed tooth ON THE SAME DAY. 

We had a painless immediate implant done for him and he now had a beautiful fixed tooth ON THE SAME DAY.

Ananya, a young woman who is terrified of dental treatment, is a college student with limited spending capability ,she is having trouble due to a broken tooth in mouth, what should ananya do?
We had the perfect painless implant for her with easy monthly payment option.

Gajendra, a busy businessman with long standing problem in his mouth,he wears a denture for few missing teeth, In one of his meetings while he laughed his denture fell out,which made him embarrassed. He needs treatment urgently and also cannot afford much time.
Absolutely with proper instructions followed, he had successful fixed dental implant treatment within few days, which will serve him a lifetime and once done, he can attend his meeting and tours without having the fear of denture coming out of mouth while talking.
Bye Bye Denture!

Usha ji, a retired bank employee is tired of changing her dentures every 5 years,she can not eat her favourite food because it hurts her gums,the lower denture keeps coming out whenever she drinks or speaks,and she feels the chewing power is not anywhere near her old natural teeth.
We are talking about full mouth implant now,this is an absolute painless and precise treatment and you have our full attention,this is going to be a life changing experience,give us your time and we will give you your natural teeth back(well almost)


FAQ about dental implants:
⦁ Will I feel pain during implant treatment?
Not at all. Dental implants are absolutely painless. Whatever pain & discomfort felt post appointment can be managed with minor painkillers which will be prescribed to you
⦁ Will I be able to eat everything on the implants?
Yes, absolutely. You will be able to chew & eat like before
⦁ What is the maintenance that is required?
Maintenance simply means regular brushing(twice) & flossing at home.
Along with this you will need to visit us for cleaning once a year (maybe more depending on the number of implants)
⦁ Are Implants costlier than bridge?
No. Let us do a simple math.
If the cost of replacing a single tooth by bridge is 15000 for a reasonably good quality bridge, then dividing it by the average number of years it lasts which is 7 years, the cost comes to 2142 per year.
Cost of a good implant for a single tooth is 25000 approx., dividing it by the average number of years it is going to used for which is 15 years, the cost per year is 1666. Implants if properly maintained last longer plus you save your natural healthy teeth.
⦁ How long do Implants & Bridges Last?
Implants last for a life time if maintained well as per the instructions given.
Bridges last for around 7-8 years, maybe more if maintained well.
Due to cutting of adjacent teeth, cavities start on a microscopic level and slowly become bigger, weakening the tooth causing problems at 6-7 years.


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