Tooth extraction means removing a tooth from mouth, with time, dentistry has evolved in such a way that we rarely remove teeth these days. But still there are times when a tooth needs to be extracted from mouth.
1)very badly broken tooth which is beyond repair.
2)Tooth that hurts real bad and has huge infection underneath.
3)Tooth that has become very loose from gum infection.
4)To create space for orthodontic treatment.
5)Wisdom tooth which hurts and is of no use to us,etc

These days we have such better equipment and medicines ,combined with a skilful doctor, that tooth extraction is as easy as childs play.

Combined with best anaesthetics( ADA Certified),state of the art German instruments, a person can join his/her duties from the very day after minimal rest. You don’t need to take a day off.
Rigorous documentation and routine follow up brings out the best of it.
We use Physics forceps which gives unparalleled result which is favourite to most international dentists.
Minimally invasive protocol gives almost bloodless tooth removal.
Equipped with Digital x ray machine we have instant result with quickest intervention

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