Is your mother unable to eat because of lack of teeth or compromised teeth?

Is she suffering from acidity, digestive problems &/or nutritional deficiencies because of this?

If so then full mouth fixed teeth are the solution for her.

With fixed teeth she will be able to eat & chew with ease, comfort & like earlier as with natural teeth. 

There will be no hassles of cleaning teeth or loosening of dentures like with complete dentures which were earlier popular.

Full mouth fixed teeth help one appear much younger as well.

How can fixed teeth be given in people who don’t have any teeth?

Fixed teeth can be given in people with all missing teeth with the help of dental implants.

To know more about dental implants, please click here.(link to implant page)

It is a painless process and fixed teeth can be given in as less as 3 days if the conditions permit.

How does the process and the appointment work?

When you go to see  the doctor, he or she will examine you & a CBCT(it’s a CT scan for your mouth) will be advised to check the condition of the bone.

After going through the CBCT in detail, you will be advised as to which implants are best for you & you can get your fixed teeth in most cases in less than a week!

How long will they last?

They last a lifetime if proper maintenance is done which we will be teaching you.

What maintenance is required? 

 Maintenance basically means at home brushing correctly and using a powered flosser as demonstrated by the doctor.

You will be asked to come for regular follow ups initially at a gap of 6 months followed by 1 year gap post that

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