Do you:

  1. Lack the confidence to smile & laugh
  2. Avoid those masala teas in the cold winter & ice cream in the scorching summers?
  3. Take too much time in eating your food or unable to enjoy anything hard?
  4. Suffer from headache/ neck pain/Joint pains?

Our body is master of balance. Starting from great acrobats to a regular swimmer and cyclist ,our body relentlessly does its work. But like every machine it starts marginal error with time and gradually gathers those errors to form a big malfunction.

How many of us suffer from headache, neck pain, back pain , knee pain and has been taking medicine for past 10 years? We still take medicine and will take some more till we retire.

The key to a pain free walk/run/swim may lie in our mouth.

Inside our mouth we have teeth which constantly fight against hard objects and serves us smooth food.

With age ,teeth slowly wears  off and become flat and unstable.

Tooth wear on single or multiple teeth can become an issue in your day to day life. It may affect the way you look when you smile, create difficulties in eating or painful sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures. Left untreated this could lead to complex treatment in the future or even the loss of teeth.


Our digestion starts with the mouth. As teeth are unable to grind food properly, instead of smooth small food particles, big food parts are swallowed and that leads to gastric problems namely acidity & indigestion


Then you may need to get checked for worn teeth and get them treated.


Full mouth reconstruction/FMR is the answer to your sound health. With improved teeth, you have 4 benefits

1) We get rid of these nagging pain especially in the neck & cheeks and hit the pool for a nice swim.

2)We appear much much younger.

3)Our smile becomes such attractive , we have never thought before.

4)Our chewing capacity becomes like a 30 years old person’s. 

It is not a treatment it is a life changing experience.

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