Are you in your twenties/thirties and ashamed to smile due to your teeth being too far in front?

Or are they crooked so that you feel shy while posing for photos?

Have you considered braces but don’t want people to know? 

Then Invisible braces are for you! 

Braces are of 4 types:

1.Normal metal braces

They act faster but are easily visible

2. Ceramic braces

They work similar to metal braces but are less visible than metal ones

3. Lingual braces: Braces on the back of teeth

They are not visible at all and work well depending on your condition

4. Invisible braces/clear aligners/ invisalign 

They are transparent braces worn on the teeth that are not visible at all.

What to expect from Invisible braces?
Invisible braces can be given in most people and they are comfortable to wear in your mouth. They are changed every 15 days. This means that you wear 1 set of clear aligners for 15 days and then change over to the new set. The average treatment time ranges from 1- 1.5 years.
Are they painful?
NO. They are not painful but you might feel slight discomfort because they slowly push your teeth to move into their correct position.
Can I eat or drink with them?
We advise you to take your aligners off while eating & drinking. Water is fine.
How many hours in a day am I supposed to wear them?
22-24 hours in a day. Even while sleeping. Don’t worry they do not cause any difficulty
Will I be able to speak clearly with them on?
Yes. Although initially you may feel difficulty but it is not noticeable by anyone else.
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