Third Molar Removal

Third Molar


Is your wisdom tooth bothering you? Are you having pain radiating to ear & difficulty in opening mouth? Are you having constant trauma from upper third molar in cheek?

Don’t worry. It can be very easily treated.

Why doesn’t Third molar come as easily as other teeth? 

Thousands of years ago, Average human jaw size was large which could fit 3 molars which were needed because food was mostly chewed raw & was hard.

As our habits changed from raw to cooked food which was softer, that many teeth & force to chew food wasn’t needed in our mouths. Thus jaw size became smaller. And the third molar now very frequently does not find enough space to erupt. 

What problems are faced due to third molar?
When it tries to come up, it may come out of place, hurting your gums & cheeks causing them to get inflamed. The pain may radiate to ear as well
Upper third molar frequently comes out towards the cheek causing them to hurt & get cut
If the third molar gets locked due to the tooth in front, then it may start pushing the tooth in front causing food to get stuck between these. This may lead to formation of a cavity.

Is third molar removal painful?
Not at all. Third molar removal may take more time than normal tooth extraction since it is frequently stuck in bone.
Will I have problem chewing if my third molar doesn’t erupt or has to be extracted?
Not even a little. This is because third molar is the only tooth which is not needed. We can chew our food equally well on the rest of the teeth.
Eyes are not linked to our teeth.
Neither our eyes nor our other vital body parts, are going to be damaged by removing wisdom tooth or any other teeth.

Pain relief from third molar issues
Can eat everything including cold & hot without worrying

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