Do you feel uncomfortable while eating something cold or hot?

Do you feel a sharp shooting pain in teeth when consuming ice cream or cold drinks?

There could be many reasons for this:

  1. The most common reason is plaque & calculus build up. To read more about how to deal with it, click here(scaling link)
  2. You may have cavities in certain teeth for which you may need a dental check-up. Click here to know more!(Dental check-up link)
  3. Enamel damage can also cause sensitivity. Enamel is the hard white outer covering of the tooth which protects the delicate inner structures of the tooth.

When it gets eroded or removed, it may cause sensitivity.

It can eroded due to many reasons like vigorous toothbrushing, eating too many sour foods like lime water or carbonated drinks like pepsi/coke etc., tooth grinding habits, certain medical disorders etc.

You will need a thorough check up for the same. Teeth wearing down may also cause sensitivity and pain. To know more

To lessen sensitivity in your teeth, brush with the proper technique.

Avoid lime water the first thing in the morning.

Always rinse your mouth well after taking anything sweet or any soda drinks

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