Latest technology in Dentistry along with experienced & Highly skilled specialist doctors make the experience a delight for you. All the procedures are absolutely Painless with your comfort at the first preference. Advanced dental treatments, from no harm cosmetic dentistry to full mouth fixed teeth for patients with no teeth, jaw problems to name a few, you can rely on us to provide a high quality of care at reasonable prices.

Our Mission & Philosophy

Missing or misshapen teeth, crooked teeth or gaps in teeth, these can greatly lower the self confidence of the individual leading to shyness in talking or laughing or even giving a great presentation at work or meeting new people. This lowers the quality of life leading to undue stress.

We wish to help people in this regard, helping them gain the confidence to smile and attain the lifestyle & quality of life they have dreamt of.

Pain in tooth can extremely disturbing. Our team strives the best to help you retain your teeth and get rid of your pain. 

All this while causing NO PAIN or discomfort  

Maintaining the highest standards of sterilization, We strive hard to ensure that your safety is our topmost priority. Sterilization via many stages namely Class B autoclave, UV sterilization chamber, Chemical sterilization, ultrasonic & fumigation to name a few; our instruments are 100% virus,bacteria & germ free. 

We have a HEPA 14 (High Efficiency Particulate air filter; Best Medical grade) filter in our clinic which purifies the air 12 times in an hour. This ensures that the bacteria on someone’s breath are also not risky since they will be trapped and purified air circulated. Some of the facilities available are:

Patient Centric approach-A friendly staff & atmosphere

We believe in providing highest standard of care with best patient satisfaction. You are greeted by our friendly and competent front office staff who will help resolve your queries and guide you through the process of your first consultation. We have a highly trained team of specialists to cater to your every dental need.

Painless Dentistry

Gone are the days when dentistry used to be a terror. Coupled with the latest technology available, we ensure all your treatments are painless.


Conveniently located in Rajarhat, We are near to the Biggest IT hub in the city and open on weekends to ensure no interruption to your busy schedules

Flexible payment options

We have all payment options available with special emphasis on digital payments from credit card, debit card, Google pay, Phone pay, NEFT available.

We also have 0%(Zero percent) EMI options available  in which you can pay your treatment cost upto 12 months & more. To know more about this,

Digital Intraoral X ray

Digital X rays are the latest In X ray technologies which provide contamination free safer X rays for our patients. These are fast & have great resolution so that our doctors can provide more precise treatments not wasting your precious time

Dental Operating Microscope

We are the first clinic in West Bengal to have Zumax Dental operating microscope installed in our setup. 

Through the microscope, we see better and thus we treat better. 

Teeth are small in size with the nerves & structures inside them like thin strands of hair in thickness. With the aid of microscope we can look at them much better enabling a world class treatment experience for you like in the US/UK.


These are like mini microscopes worn around the eye of the doctor even for your basic examination so all steps right from your examination to your treatment are perfect because that’s what you came for

Use of rubber dam

Rubber dam is a special Latex sheet used in your fillings & root canals to protect your mouth from the medicines that will be used in your mouth so you are ensured a more comfortable process.

One day tooth

If you have a missing tooth or have lost an important tooth in front of your mouth, we can give a fixed replacement in as less as a day!

This is done with the help of dental implants. To know more about dental implants,

Rotary Endodontics

NO cost(0%) EMI payment options

Special gadgets for faster & painless root canals are there. They ensure exact readings, Making the root canal process very smooth

We have no cost EMI options for our patients to help in payment with easy monthly instalments